Keep Your Truck on the Road for Longer


Your truck is so much more than just a car. It’s your mobile office. It also serves as your day-to-day workhorse, shuttling you to and from various work sites and to meetings with clients where you need to make a good first impression. Maintaining your truck is important to ensure that it retains its look and value over time. This will also make the vehicle run reliably for as long as possible, thus increasing the value of your investment.

Here are some useful tips to maintain your truck and keep it on the road for longer.

Refer to Your Owner’s Manual or Manufacturer

Everything you need to know about keeping your truck on the road for longer is in the owner’s manual. From maintaining optimal fluid levels, to cleaning the vehicle, to maintenance checklists – it’s all in that book. Make good use of it.

Follow Your Truck’s Maintenance Schedule

Your truck has a recommended maintenance schedule detailing when and how to perform specific maintenance tasks and replacement of certain parts of the vehicle based upon its mileage and age. Find it and follow it. This will help to keep your truck running at its best by ensuring that you provide it with exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Don’t forget to note down any maintenance or repair jobs you perform on the vehicle on the logbook.

Have Your Truck Inspected On a Regular Basis

Routine inspections carried out by truck experts will keep your vehicle on the road for longer. Trained truck mechanics have the knowledge needed to perform specialist checks. They can give your truck a “doctor’s check-up”, comprehensively analyzing various systems, parts and components for issues. These professionals will be able to spot any potential problems early, helping keep you safe and truck running longer.

Change Your Truck’s Oil

To ensure a long life for your truck, don’t ever miss an oil change. Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations for how often you should change your oil.

Rotate Your Truck’s Tyres

Rotating your tyres on a regular basis can help improve their performance and life expectancy. It helps ensure an even wear – because different driving conditions make tyres wear unevenly over time. It is recommended that you rotate your tyres every time you do an oil change.

Ensure Your Tyres Are Balanced

In addition to rotating your tyres, you should ensure the wheels are balanced. Well balanced tyres have their weight equally distributed around the axle. But pot holes, bumps and off-road missions can make them to become unbalanced, leading to problems such as vibrations, increased wear on your vehicle’s suspension and uneven wear on the tyres.

Make Sure the Wheels Are Properly Aligned

As well as rotating and balancing your tyres, you need to have them aligned. Rough road surfaces often cause tyres to become misaligned. This can lead to poor handling, low gas mileage and increased wear and tear on tyres. Having your tyres aligned will reduce these problems.

Check the lights

Inspect your truck daily and make sure your lights are in good working order. This will ensure you that you don’t get involved in an accident as a result of faulty lights.

Maintaining Your Truck’s Fluids

To keep your truck running smoothly and for longer, it’s important to check fluid levels regularly and ensure they are well maintained. Consult your owner’s manual for your truck’s specific needs.

Change Air Filter

Replace your air filter every 15,000 – 30,000 miles (check your vehicle’s manual) with a new, clean unit to boost the efficiency, performance and longevity of your truck’s engine.

Understand Driving Conditions

Evaluate your driving conditions and the level of wear and tear being experienced by your vehicle and determine the exact kind of maintenance needed. Talk to your mechanic about the best way to maintain your truck taking into account your specific driving conditions.

Avoid Overloading Your Truck

Ovoid overloading and keep your load evenly secured and spread across your truck’s bed to reduce pull. Exceeding your truck’s maximum permissible weight carries huge risk not only in terms of fines, but also in terms of damage it causes to your vehicle and the danger it poses to pedestrians and other motorists on the road.

So don’t use your truck when moving extremely heavy cargo or bulky or odd-shaped loads. Engage a truck hire NZ service, instead. Truck rental NZ providers have a variety of specialised heavy haulage transport vehicles that makes it easy, convenient and safe to move heavy cargo. They can also provide you with experienced professionals, including drivers, who can assist you to transport your heavy or awkward sized cargo.

Harris Transport – Safe And Affordable Transport Services All Over New Zealand

Don’t ruin your truck by attempting to transport over-sized, awkward or odd load with it. Just call the experts – We offer trucks, equipment and trained crane trucks NZ specialist designed to help you get your cargo from point A to point B in the quickest and safest way possible. Our truck hire NZ options include: an 8-wheeler hiab truck, Freightliner Argosy heavy hauler, 8-wheeler rigid Mitsubishi Shogun grabber truck, and a 4-axle flat deck trailer. That means whatever the size or shape of your cargo, we have the right truck rental NZ services, including crane truck, hi ab truck, equipment and trained drivers, you help you move your goods safely and in a cost effective manner. Contact us today.


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