The Basics of Relocating Overseas


Moving abroad is definitely not an easy thing to do, especially when crossing continents such as moving from Europe to New Zealand. Relocating overseas is a tedious process that requires thorough preparation. In order to stay on top of this endeavour and ensure a smooth relocating experience, there are some basic aspects you need to keep in mind.

Here are the basics of relocating overseas.

1. Finances

For starters, you won’t be moving very far if you don’t have the necessary savings or financial stability to back your plans. Even though you might think that relocating overseas might be better for you financially, the naked truth is that there are certain factors that can make expatriation a much more expensive option.

You will initially spend much more in the first few months when you are setting up your home and learning the area. If your company isn’t providing accommodation, be aware that in some countries they expect you to pay three months’ rent plus a deposit upfront, whereas in others one months’ rent plus a deposit is acceptable. In New Zealand rent is paid weekly and usually the landlord requires two weeks’ rent and a deposit of another two weeks. However, quality and price varies considerably and it is therefore a wise decision to have some money put aside for unexpected expenses on top of your budget until you are paid.

Moreover, you will need to adapt to the new way of life and that can take a while: it is not just a case of culture but also small things that you would otherwise not expect to be different, such as bill payments, immigration registration, etc. To top it all, you need to start looking for a job and it might take a while until you find one. You need to have enough finances to live until you find your dream job in New Zealand. This makes finances an important aspect of your relocation process that should not be avoided.

2. Location

In addition to finances, you need to find the right location in New Zealand to move into. In case you are sent by your own company, they should probably send you to a specific location and they may even have accommodation already set up. If you can choose your own place to live, ask someone who has lived in New Zealand which places have a good reputation and which are best avoided. As a western expat, moving to New Zealand might prove one of the best experiences of your life, especially if you love nature and you want to live in a friendly, active environment.

3. Work Options

Another basic aspect of relocating overseas has to deal with the work options available to you. You should have at least two or three work opportunities lined up for you. Whatever your experience, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the working environment in New Zealand and to have some basic knowledge about the employment industry in your target city. New Zealand has lists for occupations where there are skill shortages and identified areas of future growth. If your occupation is on one of these lists, it greatly increases your chances of being granted a work visa or even residency.

4. Truck Rental NZ Options

Lastly, you have to be aware of the options available for truck hire in NZ. If you relocate to New Zealand and you want to bring your car with you or other voluminous goods, you might want to consider working with an experienced company offering truck rental services.

Harris Transport offers the best truck rental and transportation services in all New Zealand. With a large fleet of transportation vehicles, we cater to all the needs of expats, whether residential or commercial. Even though we are a family operated business, our clients include some of the biggest companies in the country.

We are proud to be members of some of the most prestigious institutions and affiliate groups in the country, including the National Fire Protection Association, the Heavy Haulage Association of New Zealand and many other smaller organisations.

Harris Transport Group is also partnered with Manurewa Recycling Ltd who are a well-known NZ owned scrap metal and recycling company to give you ‘Cash for Scrap’. Manurewa recycling provide a high level of customer service whether you are enquiring as a trade or a public customer. They recycle non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

With us, relocating overseas becomes less of a burden. Contact Harris Transport today and get a free quote for your transportation needs.


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